Building Department

Building Inspectors
Gary Sanzi

Telephone: (570) 233-0121

Dan Igo

Frances Calarco
Telephone: (570) 455-2030

Scott Kostician

Telephone: (570) 233-0699

Hazle Township is dedicated to ensuring the safety of homes and buildings constructed here. The Building Department is responsible for ensuring standards are met in all construction in Hazle Township. The department also provides inspections to neighboring municipalities.

Inspections are based on the International Construction Codes (ICC). Hazle Township has adopted the Uniform Construction Code (UCC), which is being mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under Act 45. Hazle Township also has amendments included as part of the ICC codes.

At present, 11 inspections are required during the construction or major renovation of any structure. These inspections consist of footer, foundation, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, ice shield, framing (rough and finished), wallboard and final inspections. In addition, energy code compliance and fire code inspection is required on any new structure before occupancy.

Electrical inspections have been expanded to include a Utility Service inspection, which will be done with the rough-in inspection. The fee is included in the permit cost.

The Building Inspection Office is available from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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