Roads Department

Assistant Roadmaster Gary Sanzi and seven additional employees make up the Hazle Township Road Department. The department is responsible for more than 300 dedicated streets that run over 85 miles of township roads and 33 miles of state roads.

The township owns and operates a fleet of equipment to maintain its streets. The fleet includes 10 single-axle dump trucks complete with snow plows and the capability to spread cinders. These trucks can haul up to nine tons of material and have plow units wide enough to clear one side of major routes with one pass. Additional equipment includes three one-ton dump trucks, a loader, a backhoe and a grader. When additional manpower, equipment or services are required, the township employs the services of local contractors.

In addition to necessary roadwork, Road Department crews construct new buildings and accessories for the township administration and the Recreation Authority as needed. They clean up areas in the township where illegal dumping occurs. The skilled crews also assist local civic organizations in their projects, as time allows.